Turfgrass research

Project: SSDM Turf Laboratory and Turfgrass Research Facility

Client: Research & Development

SSDM's new dedicated Turf Laboratory and Turfgrass Research Facility is now fully operational.

The Turf Laboratory doubles up as a new base for the SSDM Turf Clinic which continus to offer accurate and independent turf pest and disease analysis services to the New Zealand and International turf and horticulture sector.

The Lab and Clinic provide a fully independent service with a focus upon client satisfaction and delivering accurate and timely diagnosis and recommendations.


We are currently working with PGGW Turf on a comprehensive browntop bent and creeping bentgrass trial. The objective of this work is focussed upon identifying and measuring how various cultivars of each species are able to cope with the unique climatic conditions of the Auckland and Far North environment.


Further trial work is already being planned for 2018, this is likely to include:


  • Black beetle and stem weevil  control strategy trial work.
  • Sustainable sand carpet rootzone management research, in particular regarding the mitigation of excessive nutrient and water loss through a sand carpet profile.
  • Poa annua control strategies in Tall fescue 
  • Poa annua and kikuyu control straetgies in couchgrass
SSDM is dedicated to servicing the research, analysis and turf diagnostic needs of our unique sector and therefore we always welcome industry feedback and suggestion regarding any preferred trials that might provide local practioners with the greatest value.
Please feel free to contact:
Will Bowden, Manager Agronomy & Research (SSDM Turfgrass lab and Research Facilioty) will.bowden@ssdm.co.nz / 021475941

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