SSDM is an Accredited Consultant for 'Avanex'.

'Avanex' us a unique high endophyte turfgrass technology that is proven to deter insect and bird activity on passive turfgrass areas that are widespread in between runways etc. at airports around the World. As such, 'Avanex' can provide the Client with a valuable tool to mitigate against the occurance of bird-strike.

SSDM is accredited to provide Clients with the following services relating to 'Avanex':

  • Technical specifications for appropriate establishment of 'Avanex' turf areas
  • Site visit to identify the need and/or best practice management of proposed or existing 'Avanex' areas
  • Assessment of tenderers attributes
  • Project management (i.e. quality control) during installation of 'Avanex' turf areas
  • Strategies adhering to the 'code of practice' and most appropriate on-going management and aftercare of 'Avanex' areas

In addition to 'Avanex' accreditation, SSDM is experienced in the design (of new) and upgrading (of existing) sub-surface and overland drainage systems relating to natural turf surfaces and where these areas interface with hard surfaced areas (i.e. runways).

SSDM is also able to provide Clients with a broad range of ecological-related services that may be applicable to the enhancement of the unique airport environment.