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Project: Organic Matter (%) Content and Soil Nutrient Analysis
Client: Waikato Stadium, Hamilton City Council
Timeframe: 2014

SSDM were engaged by Hamilton City Council (on behalf of Waikato Stadium)  to carry out organic matter analysis and soil nutrient analysis of the stadium sports field. The analysis formed a starting point from which the results of (all future) annual organic matter testing will be tracked and graphed by SSDM to assist the Stadium Turf Manager in the planning of renovation programmes and identifying trends in surface condition.

SSDM viisted the stadium and collected samples from 5 seperate locations across the field. Consideration was given to each sample location in order to ensure a (total) representation of the sports field was achieved. Cores were removed and segmented in to the following depths: 0-25 mm, 25-50 mm and 50-75 mm. The samples were then processed within the SSDM Turf Laboratory to identify the existing organic matter (%) content of each horizon within the top 75 mm. 

In conjunction with organic matter analysis, SSDM also collected samples of the top 75 mm rootzone to submit to Hill Laboratories for soil nutrient analysis. The results of this analysis were interpreted by SSDM and provided to the Client with site specific recommendations.

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