Development of Palmerston North Square Events Lawn

Project: Palmerston North Square Events Lawn Projects, Palmerston North
Client: Palmerston North City Council
Timeframe: September 2013 -2014

SSDM was commissioned by Palmerston North City Council in 2013/14 to provide a drainage solution in the highly used Square, events lawn in the city centre. SSDM has had involvement with the lawn since 2007 with initial investigations and provided an updated, revised design in 2014. Part of the SSDM scope involved the review of the existing irrigation system and resulted in a redesign of system and sprinkler spacing to improve uniformity, together with drawings, specifications and schedules for tender.

Due to the intensive use of the lawn and the constant erection of tents and marquees, consideration was given to the depth of the drainage and irrigation system in order to prevent damage from tent and marquee pegs. A secondary drainage system of gravel bands was designed to ensure year round use and performance.

Physical works are expected to take place in early 2015.


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