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NZ Cricket - Venue Turf Quality Assessments

Project: NZ Cricket - Venue Turf Quality Assessments
Client: New Zealand Cricket
Timeframe: 2018

SSDM have been providing New Zealand Cricket with independent agronomy consultancy services for venue turf quality assessment, venue readiness and tournament delivery requirements for a number of years.

Most recently these services were provided during the build up and running of the 2018, ICC U19 Cricket World Cup.

In order to ensure the successful delivery of tournament and training venue outfield and wicket block facilities that met and exceeded ICC requirements, SSDM were engaged too assess and monitor venue preparations, leading up to and during the tournament.

SSDM took a phased approach to delivering the following agronomic services to each venue:

  • Surface organic matter (%) of outfields
  • Surface infiltration rates (mm/hr) of outfields
  • Surface level (micro) assessment
  • Turfgrass species (weed and pest) populations
  • Thatch characterisation
  • Sand carpet contamination
  • Soil nutrient analysis

Further phased visits were carried out by SSDM, leading into and during the tournament with the provision of additional practical on-site support.

As a result of the successful implementation of this strategy, NZC engaged SSDM again in the winter of 2018 to carry out ground assessment reports for 18 first-class and International venues around New Zealand as part of a best practice risk management process.