Enhancing your natural and artificial turf environment

At Sports Surface Design and Management (SSDM) we work with our clients to help them build and maintain sports and recreational surfaces.

We combine our technical and scientific knowledge with practical experience to deliver comprehensive consultancy services for both natural and artificial turf.

SSDM provides a range of consultancy services to local body and private organisations including councils, landscape architects, engineering consultancies, stadia, schools, golf courses, cricket grounds, racecourses and bowling clubs.







Announcement: New Senior Manager Appointment

SSDM is delighted to announce the appointment of Matt Creswell as the Senior Manager.
Matt will be leading the team of Blair Cornthwaite and Will Bowden.
Matt has focused his career on delivering excellence within the sports turf industry for over 20 years.
Prior to joining SSDM, Matt worked as a...

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SSDM Provides Waikato Stadium with Consultancy Services

SSDM has been engaged to provide Waikato Stadium with a range of Technical Consultancy services. These are focussed upon identifying the existing performance characteristics of the sports field and providing site specific recommendations based upon the continual enhancement of the surface at...

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